The school has implemented the proposal of CBSE with regard to semesterisation of examination. There
will be three semester examinations; one in August, the other in December and final in March. Unit tests
are held in between the terms and results are intimated to the parents. Academic and non academic
performance are considered for Promotion and neglifence in non-academic subjects is also a cause for
detention int he class.

Applications indicating valid reasons with proof, where necessary, for absence from any examinations
must be submitted IN ADVANCE TO THE PRINCIPAL and got sanctioned.

The result of the examination announced is final and will not be reconsidered. Pupils absent at any
examination will not be re-examined and will not get any marks in the subject.

Promotion will be based on the overall average performance of the year. The yearly record of work
consists in the day to day -to -day written work including Compositions, home -work and daily
lessons and an average performance in non-academic activities.

A student, who uses unfair means and /or receives or gives assistance in any from during tests, will
be given a zero in the subject and a warning letter. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. A
student, who repeat the same class twice will not be allowed to continue his studies in any case. The
weightage will be follows: B4 points B in each unit tests /Half Yearly & Annual Examination. A student is
eligible for promotion if he /she secures 12 points in all the subjects.